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Improve English conversation.

00:00 Hi, everyone.
00:30 Keywords:
00:32 - play (v)
Let's play a song together.
00:41 - note (n)
Can you read music? What note is this?
00:49 - practice (v)
Practice this sentence. Then you can say it.
01:00 - piano (n)
Can you play this song on the piano for me?
01:09 - player (n)
Jimmy is a good piano player. He plays beautiful music.
01:20 Let's say the keywords together again:
- play (v)
- note (n)
- practice (v)
- piano (n)
- player (n)
01:49 The mission of the day is:
What is Sara having?
02:20 Music lesson. Part 1.
- Sara is at home.
She is having a music lesson.
Sara's teacher, Chris, plays a scale.
Sara watches Chris.
Then Sara plays the scale.
But she plays a lot of wrong notes.
Chris plays the scale for Sara again.
Then Sara tries again.
This time, she plays the right notes.
02:54 Study the keywords:
03:24 - play (v)
04:10 - note (n)
05:02 The answer to today's mission is:
She is having a music lesson.
05:10 Music lesson. Part 2.
Chris - Good job, Sara. These scales aren't easy.
Practice them some more this week.
Sara - OK.
Chris - Now let's play a song. Which one are you practicing?
Sara - I'm practicing this one.
Chris - Good. Play that one for me.
Very nice, Sara. But be careful of your rhythm. Don't rush.
Sara - Oh, OK.
Chris - Start again.
05:53 Study the keyword:
06:24 - practice (v)
07:06 Practice makes perfect.
07:53 Music lesson. Part 3.
Chris - Great, Sara. You are a really good piano player.
Sara - Thanks, Chris. You are a good teacher.
Chris - Maybe you can be a music teacher one day, too.
Sara - Do you really think so?
Chris - Yes. You are smart. And you are kind.
You can be a good teacher.
Sara - Thanks, Chris!
Hey, can you play one of your songs for me?
I like your music.
Chris - Sure.

- play (v) http://bit.ly/15demks
- note (n) http://bit.ly/19zWWhB
- practice (v) http://bit.ly/1fPTyR6
- piano (n) http://bit.ly/1cYgBtI
- player (n) http://bit.ly/16wTFQm

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The best English 74. Improve English conversation. The best English 74. Improve English conversation. The best English 74. Improve English conversation. The best English 74. Improve English conversation.

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