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A video for a friend =) Q(^-^Q) !!
~ A mix up of all our favourite drama/MVs/bittys from Korea and Taiwan and of course.. Mrs Doubtfire! All to make her smile through a hard time! (and it worked!) ^-^

Alot of you guys have been asking which shows I have used in this MV so below is a list of them.. I think I may have missed one or two, it's been a while since I made this video:-

0:00 SS501 in the USA
0:05 Down With Love
0:07 Boys Before Flowers
0:16 A Song Calling For You - SS501 MV
0:18 'Kim Bum Dance'
0:29 Boys Before Flowers NGs
0:40 UR MAN - SS501 Dance video
1:05 Listen To Your Heart - Van Ness Wu MV
1:07 Love Ya - SS501 MV
1:37 '3 year old boy dancing and singing dbsk mirotic'
1:41 Full House
1:47 A Person Left - Peter Ho MV
1:54 Meteor Garden
2:29 Autumn's Concerto
2:46 'SS501 A Song Calling For You Making Of MV'
2:49 'Lee Min Ho Cantata Coffee Mix CF-A 30s'
2:52 'Big Mama' - SS501
4:01 Mrs Doubtfire ;)

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Shinee - Stand by Me MV Shinee - Stand by Me MV Shinee - Stand by Me MV Shinee - Stand by Me MV

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