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Kamen Rider Gaim is going to have a total five primary riders: Kamen Rider Gaim, Kamen Rider Balon, Kamen Rider Ryugen, Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Kamen Rider Gliton. Like Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, Kamen Rider Gaim will also be a music & dance themed series. Gaku Sano is going to play Kouta Kazuraba / Kamen Rider Gaim. Kouta Kazuraba is the member of a dance team called "Team Gaim" which is ranked #2. Yutaka Kobayashi is going to play Kaito Kumon / Kamen Rider Balon. He is the leader of Team Gaim's rival "Team Balon". Mahiro Takasugi is going to play Mitsuzan Kureshima / Kamen Rider Ryugen. He is the younger brother (adopted) of Kouta Kazuraba / Kamen Rider Gaim. Like Kouta he is also the member of Team Gaim. He had previously appeared as a guest star in Garo: Yami o Terasu Mono Episode 10. Yuki Kubota is going to play Takatora Kureshima / Kamen Rider Zangetsu. He is president of a Yugudrasil Coporation & he is the real elder brother of Mitsuzan Kureshima (Kamen Rider Ryugen). He had previously appeared in Kamen Rider THE NEXT, Garo & Sengoku Basara. Yuumi Sida is going to play Mai Takatsukasa (Kamen Rider Gliton) in Kamen Rider Gaim. She is a Professional Dancer & also the member of Team Gaim. She is first female Rider who is in the main cast. Shonan no Kaze who are the biggest fan of Kamen Rider Series are going to perform the theme song of Kamen Rider Gaim under the artist name "Gaim no Kaze".
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Kamen Rider Gaim Trailer Kamen Rider Gaim Trailer Kamen Rider Gaim Trailer Kamen Rider Gaim Trailer

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