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To purchase a replacement ignition coil or spark plug, search http://www.repairclinic.com/Shop-For-Parts?TSLID=1809 using your engine's model number.

This free troubleshooting video shows step-by-step instructions on how to test an ignition coil and spark plug for a small engine.

If the small engine won't start the spark plug might be defective. All small engines have an ignition coil. The coil is the device that provides spark for the spark plug(s). If the coil is bad power won't get to the spark plug(s). The coil is essentially a small, induction generator. It is mounted next to the flywheel. The flywheel has one or more strong, embedded magnets. As the flywheel spins, the magnet(s) zip past the induction coil, this action of a magnet passing past a coil induces a voltage. Depending on the design of the coil and the strength of the magnets, a stronger or weaker spark can be created and delivered to the spark plug(s). Each time the flywheel spins around a spark is generated. The best way to test a spark plug is to use a spark plug tester. The spark plug should have a strong, visible spark between the electrodes when the engine is cranking. If it doesn't, replace it.

Every day, tens of thousands of people use our advanced, easy-to-navigate, comprehensive troubleshooting and repair help system on our website- http://www.repairclinic.com/RepairHelp?TLSID=1809 -- for troubleshooting by symptom, finding recommended replacement parts and learning how to successfully fix their appliances, outdoor power equipment and heating and cooling equipment on their own. Please have your product's model number handy and head there for help diagnosing your small engine.

If you're unable to find the information you need on our website, we suggest that you use a search online to find a reliable online repair forum. It's likely that your question has already been answered there. We also recommend contacting your product's manufacturer or calling a local repair technician.

Learn more about how a small engine works, learn how to disassemble your small engine, and get help tracking down your small engine's model number! http://www.repairclinic.com/RepairHelp/Lawn-Mower-Repair-Help?TLSID=1809

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Ignition Coil and Spark Plug Testing Ignition Coil and Spark Plug Testing Ignition Coil and Spark Plug Testing Ignition Coil and Spark Plug Testing

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