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SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The number of convicted sex offenders living on the streets is soaring across the state, according to new figures released to the ABC7 I-Team. It is an unintended consequence of Jessica's Law (Prop 83), passed overwhelmingly by voters a few years ago.

The California Supreme Court is expected to issue a ruling next week whether Jessica's Law is so broad and intrusive, that it violates the constitutional rights of convicted sex offenders. But, even more important, the measure meant to protect children could actually be putting us all at risk.

In the city and county of San Francisco, the state's website lists 167 convicted sex offenders as transient or homeless.

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"We are actually walking time bombs out here because we are suffering from sleep deprivation," said a paroled sex offender who wished to remain anonymous.
Some of them choose to be homeless, but the 45 sex offenders released from prison to San Francisco after Jessica's Law took effect, are forced to serve their three-year parole living on the streets.

"You're telling them to go out there and live out there and you don't know what he could be conspiring to do," he said. "He sees your movements all day long, he's watching."

Under Jessica's Law, a paroled sex offender can't take up residence within 2,000 feet of a school or park. Checking the map at the parole office in San Francisco, that leaves very few places for sex offenders to live.

The I-Team spoke with San Francisco parole supervisor Armel Farnsworth.

Noyes: The high rent district, the parking lot of the ball park?

Farnsworth: Yes.

Noyes: The toxic waste dump at Hunter's Point?

Farnsworth: Yes.

Noyes: Or out on the golf course?

Farnsworth: The golf course at the Olympic Country Club, yes.
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CA - Jessica Law dilemma - Homeless sex offenders CA - Jessica Law dilemma - Homeless sex offenders CA - Jessica Law dilemma - Homeless sex offenders CA - Jessica Law dilemma - Homeless sex offenders

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